Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas for Halloween

Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas This Year

I hope you enjoyed our Queen of Hearts Costume episode today. If you were unable to listen to us live, you can always listen to our shows on the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/costume-chris.

On today's show we talked about a very popular costume idea- The Queen of Hearts. There are a ton of different variations of this Halloween costume so we covered a few of them. Take a look at images here on this site or click here to find a large selection of Queen of Hearts Costumes.

First lets take a look the Queen of Hearts character. Obviously there is clear reference here to a deck of playing cards. And if you look at the available costumes, most of them are a derivation from the queen of hearts playing card.

So, we will see that most of these costumes have a black and red theme with some hints of gold. Often the costumes will have black and white stripes or checkerboard detailing -and most, of course, have big red hearts on them.

There are a few different kinds of these Red Queen of Hearts dresses too. Some are short spunky dresses for girls. And others are long nearly ballroom style gowns. Then there are the sexy Queen of Hearts costumes that are low cut with short skirts.

For the sassy girl dresses, be careful as some of the skirts are quite short. I would recommend getting some matching leggings to go on under the skirts. No only for a modesty issue, but they will help keep your child warm on a cool Halloween night.

We also touched on some safety issues for Halloween. Have a talk with your kids about safety. Some things you should consider talking about: Never go in a strangers house and to be careful crossing the street, if they are going off on their own- have a route plan and a curfew, and be sure they have a phone. they should have some sort of light.

Our next show will be about the most popular superhero costumes this year. So stay tuned to the blog here and join me on our next talk radio show.

Thank for listening to Best Costumes: Ideas & Accessories!

Until next time, this is Costume Chris- Happy Haunting!

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