Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Superhero Costumes- After Show

Best Superhero Costumes was the subject of our show Oct. 7th and we covers the top 3 superhero costumes for 2010 as well as some other superhero ideas.  We talked about Batman, Spiderman and Ironman.  Read on to find out more about superhero costumes.

Batman Costume
The Batman costumes are a staple superhero costume.  Batman is high up on the favorite superhero lists.  Perhaps it is because he is not an alien or mutant- just a human man who has been highly trained and has some cool gadgets (sort of like James bond I guess).

Spiderman is another widely popular superhero.  In the recent past he was pretty popular thanks to the Spiderman movies, but it has been a while now since those movies were in theaters and Spidey was still on the top ten list of costumes sold in September!

Ironman has become increasingly popular with the 2 new Ironman movies that have come out over the past couple of years.  Ironman has always had a good following, but they always seemed to be under the radar a bit.  With the movies, we have seen a surge of fans and thus a surge in new Ironman costumes.

Other superhero ideas:
Green lantern (new Movie coming out)
Xmen- Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey
Couples- Batman & Robin, justice league, etc

We also gave you some tips for Halloween.

3 Tips  for Halloween
1.  Parties: Serve food that fits the theme- Coffin shaped cake, decorated Twinkies that look like the minions for a Despicable Me theme, there are millions of ways to do this.

2.  If you have a big spooky dinner prior to sending your kids out for Halloween, then they are less likely to gorge themselves on candy all night.

3.  Pumpkin carving.  there are several websites that you can go to in order to download patterns for carving amazing jack-o-lanterns.

I love the superhero costumes, so I hope that you found the content interesting too.  Our next show will be about the avatar movie costumes that are a big hit this year.  So stay tuned to the blog here and join me on our next talkradio show.

Until next time, this is Costume Chris-  Hoping you have a Super Halloween!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best Superhero Costumes

Best Superhero Costumes

Join us on Oct 7th for our episode on the Best Superhero costumes for this Halloween.

Superhero costumes are always popular, and not just for Halloween. There are events all throughout the year that are perfect for doing a quick change into your hero costume and gathering with other like minded super fans.

Comics, movies, TV shows and video games all present super and fantastic heros and their super powers. They run around in brightly designed costumes to hide their identity as they fight super villains.

Be sure to listen to our show on blogtalkradio at for the best superhero costumes, some Halloween tips and other great costume information.

Are you ready to have a super Halloween?
-Costume Chris

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas for Halloween

Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas This Year

I hope you enjoyed our Queen of Hearts Costume episode today. If you were unable to listen to us live, you can always listen to our shows on the archive at

On today's show we talked about a very popular costume idea- The Queen of Hearts. There are a ton of different variations of this Halloween costume so we covered a few of them. Take a look at images here on this site or click here to find a large selection of Queen of Hearts Costumes.

First lets take a look the Queen of Hearts character. Obviously there is clear reference here to a deck of playing cards. And if you look at the available costumes, most of them are a derivation from the queen of hearts playing card.

So, we will see that most of these costumes have a black and red theme with some hints of gold. Often the costumes will have black and white stripes or checkerboard detailing -and most, of course, have big red hearts on them.

There are a few different kinds of these Red Queen of Hearts dresses too. Some are short spunky dresses for girls. And others are long nearly ballroom style gowns. Then there are the sexy Queen of Hearts costumes that are low cut with short skirts.

For the sassy girl dresses, be careful as some of the skirts are quite short. I would recommend getting some matching leggings to go on under the skirts. No only for a modesty issue, but they will help keep your child warm on a cool Halloween night.

We also touched on some safety issues for Halloween. Have a talk with your kids about safety. Some things you should consider talking about: Never go in a strangers house and to be careful crossing the street, if they are going off on their own- have a route plan and a curfew, and be sure they have a phone. they should have some sort of light.

Our next show will be about the most popular superhero costumes this year. So stay tuned to the blog here and join me on our next talk radio show.

Thank for listening to Best Costumes: Ideas & Accessories!

Until next time, this is Costume Chris- Happy Haunting!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Queen of Hearts Costume Ideas This Year

Queen of Hearts Costumes will be the next topic on our radio show Best Costume: Ideas & Accessories. Will will go over some of the many variations of this very popular costume and some things to consider when choosing your Halloween costume.

If you are into Queen Costumes you can visit the website for Queen of Hearts Costumes and more.

The Lewis Carroll novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been a very popular story since it was written in 1865. Disney did a great animation movie of the story of Alice's journey down the rabbit hole, but there are a ton of other adaptations that have been in the form of TV shows, Comics, Short Stories, and Movies. Tim Burton's take on this story is the most recent adaptation.

There are several lovely costumes for many of the stories characters. The Queen of Hearts is only one of the primary characters you can find. There are also some great costumes for the Mad Hatter and for Alice.

I hope you tune in to our show Tuesday, Oct. 5th at 10am MST for a discussion on the Red Queen, and perhaps some of the other Wonderland characters.

-Costume Chris

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Child Ladybug Costume -Best Ideas for Halloween

Child Ladybug Costume -Best Ideas for Halloween

Child ladybug costume ideas for Halloween! For the first episode of our Halloween costume series we will go into detail about adorable the different variations of the ladybug costume theme and some things that you should think about when looking for your child's costume.

These red with black polka dot insects are a wonder as children actually flock to them instead of running away screaming like they might from a spider or bee. It is a very curious thing. Well, kids love these ladybug costumes as well, and they are sure to be the hit of the party.

We will talk about costumes that mimic the bug as well as modifications in to dresses and other outfits.

Discover the right type of ladybug costume and several different events that your costume could come in handy- not just for this Halloween! Don't miss some important guidelines and stay tuned to find out what is next on our talk show series.

There are only 4 weeks until Halloween!

Best Costumes: Ideas & Accessories Introduction

Best Costumes: Ideas & Accessories Introduction to all of you costume crazies out there!

This is costume Chris and we are about to start on a venture to bring hundreds of the best costume ideas right to your lap.  We will be discovering fun, wild, sexy, cute, traditional costumes for kids and adults.

We will be starting the show with a run down of Halloween costumes that are available this year, but costume events like birthday parties and Mardi Gras  happen throughout the year.  So we will be continuing our talks well beyond Halloween.

Stay tuned here for information on great Halloween costumes and visit our talk show at Best Costumes: Ideas & Accessories for some fun costume ideas.