Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Superhero Costumes- After Show

Best Superhero Costumes was the subject of our show Oct. 7th and we covers the top 3 superhero costumes for 2010 as well as some other superhero ideas.  We talked about Batman, Spiderman and Ironman.  Read on to find out more about superhero costumes.

Batman Costume
The Batman costumes are a staple superhero costume.  Batman is high up on the favorite superhero lists.  Perhaps it is because he is not an alien or mutant- just a human man who has been highly trained and has some cool gadgets (sort of like James bond I guess).

Spiderman is another widely popular superhero.  In the recent past he was pretty popular thanks to the Spiderman movies, but it has been a while now since those movies were in theaters and Spidey was still on the top ten list of costumes sold in September!

Ironman has become increasingly popular with the 2 new Ironman movies that have come out over the past couple of years.  Ironman has always had a good following, but they always seemed to be under the radar a bit.  With the movies, we have seen a surge of fans and thus a surge in new Ironman costumes.

Other superhero ideas:
Green lantern (new Movie coming out)
Xmen- Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey
Couples- Batman & Robin, justice league, etc

We also gave you some tips for Halloween.

3 Tips  for Halloween
1.  Parties: Serve food that fits the theme- Coffin shaped cake, decorated Twinkies that look like the minions for a Despicable Me theme, there are millions of ways to do this.

2.  If you have a big spooky dinner prior to sending your kids out for Halloween, then they are less likely to gorge themselves on candy all night.

3.  Pumpkin carving.  there are several websites that you can go to in order to download patterns for carving amazing jack-o-lanterns.

I love the superhero costumes, so I hope that you found the content interesting too.  Our next show will be about the avatar movie costumes that are a big hit this year.  So stay tuned to the blog here and join me on our next talkradio show.

Until next time, this is Costume Chris-  Hoping you have a Super Halloween!

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